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Francheska Marte Professor: Sharma Business Law 1 Written Assignment chapter 47 Nationwide Warehouse Co. LTD Vs. Mr. Merritt 605 S.W.2d 250 (1980) James D. MERRITT, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. NATIONWIDE WAREHOUSE CO., LTD., d/b/a Super Safe Self Service Storage, Defendant-Appellant. Court of Appeals of Tennessee, Middle Section. June 27, 1980. Certiorari Denied September 15, 1980. *251 Cleve Weathers, Nashville, for plaintiff-appellee. C. Bennett Harrison, Jr., Nashville, for defendant appellant. Certiorari Denied by Supreme Court September 15, 1980. The accused, Nationwide Warehouse Co., Ltd., has demanded from a jury lawful accord and judgment awarding to the , James D. Merritt, damages of $5,275.00 as a result of the disappearance of the accuser's personal property from storage space rented by accuser from the accused. The complaint says that the personal property in question was delivered to accused under bailment; that it has not been returned upon demand; that irresponsibility of accused is assumed under T.C.A. § 24-515; that the loss happened as a result of irresponsibility of accused; that accused especially contracted to protect the property of accuser and accused did not do so; and that accused had admitted to responsibility and…show more content…
Merritt locked the leased storage. Nationwide was furnished no key. Accuser placed different items in the leased storage, but never told the accused as to the nature or amount of articles stored in there. Mr. Merritt was free to store or remove whatever he wished without discussion with, permission from, or notice to Nationwide Warehouse. The contract and the actions of the parties thereunder did not create a bailment. (A bailment is a delivery of personalty for a particular purpose or on mere deposit, on a contract expressed or suggested, that after the purpose has been satisfied, it will be re-delivered to the person who delivered it or otherwise dealt with according to his direction or kept until he reclaims

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