Reflection Precis 5: Contemporary Racial Framing

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Reflection Precis 5, “Contemporary Racial Framing” (March 20-22, 2018) 108788 Part I: During these two lectures, Dr. Jendian talked about our hidden biases and how we denied discrimination. According to Joe R. Feagin (123), “In more recent surveys, black and white Americans still differ dramatically in how they view discrimination.” Feagin stated that in a survey, whites responded that Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and African Americans now have equal opportunities in life as white people. However, Feagin argues, government statistical data indicate otherwise. Feagin clarifies this erroneous belief can come from misleading media reports which blind whites from not seeing that blacks have disadvantages in most…show more content…
Hence, our social status and social category affects the way people interact with us. On the other hand, Dr. Jendian explained that people who have not encountered discrimination or prejudices might believe “things” are improving. Therefore, Dr. Jendian expressed that we live in our bubble. The professor explains we cannot assume our reality is the same for everyone. However, we tend to believe the way we experience the world is the same for everyone. In addition, Dr. Jendian mentioned we believe we are not racist because we associate racism with KKK and with violence against black people. However, the professor explains we can have racist thoughts and hidden biases. Dr. Jendian stated that a hidden bias has control over us because we don’t know it is there, so it influences our actions. As an example, Dr. Jendian mentioned, the further we stand from the people in a particular group, the more likely we are to have a bias against them. Even, our subtle behaviors such as blinking and smiling frequently to a particular group of people can reveal our hidden biases. However, becoming conscious we have those biases can help us do something about it. To begin, Dr. Jendian told us to ask ourselves

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