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Epic Heroes Classified as Strong, Courageous, and Intelligent Often, epic heroes are characterized as being very strong, brave, and smart. They all go through epic journeys that allow them to expand on their knowledge of life, the world, and the people around them. If a person did not possess these characteristics, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to be classified as an epic hero. When you think of an epic hero, the first thing that comes to mind is their appearance. Epic heroes throughout the years have been described as large, muscular, tough-looking men. They are never explained as small, scrawny, or timid. Epic heroes often are more than just a man. If you are an epic hero, you are more than just a mortal man. Take Odysseus, for example; who was born of a mortal and a god. He…show more content…
Sure, you may be the strongest man in a one hundred mile radius, but do you have the courage to go out and use the strengths to the best of your ability, for yourself and your people? You cannot walk around with giant muscles and powers incomparable to those around you can still be scared to use them on the enemies you face. Courage is arguably one of the most important characteristics of an epic hero, because even if you have the brains and the strength to get you through, you will not get anywhere without being brave enough to use your talents. An epic hero must be willing to put their lives on the line in order to help the greater good of the people who look up to them. Sacrifice is a characteristic that goes hand in hand with the courage of an epic hero. Sacrificing yourself for others is one of the greatest acts of courage, because it shows that no longer is the epic hero concerned about themselves, but mainly about the ones they care for and have made a promise to. A character becomes the perfect definition of an epic hero when they forget completely about their well-being and are fighting to keep the peace for

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