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Amy Winehouse was born on September 14, 1983 to Janis and Mitch Winehouse in London, England. Unfortunately, she died on July 23, 2011 of alcohol poisoning. She had an older brother, Alex. In the book, Amy, My Daughter, written by her father Mitch Winehouse, he says that as a child Amy was always putting on talent shows for her family and enjoyed being the center of attention. She had gotten her musical talent from her father’s side of the family, since him and his mother both sang. Amy got her academic talents from her mom, who taught her how to read and write before she started school and got Amy interested in mathematics. Even though Amy was thought of as a smart and clever girl, she dreaded school and thought it was boring and unchallenging.…show more content…
Her openness to experience is high because she was a creative music writer and all her music is original. She said to her dad, “All of my songs are autobiographical” (Winehouse, 2012, p. 51). For example, her song Rehab is about the first intervention she had dealing with alcohol. Her manager wanted her to go, but just like the song say her “my daddy thinks I’m fine” which in real life he did at the time. For the second big trait Conscientiousness, she would be considered high because she was ambitious and hardworking in her music career. When she was a child and teenager she was always looking for ways to improve her singing and different events to sing at and when she was creating and recording a song she did not stop until she thought it was where it needed to be. For the third trait extroversion she would also be considered high because she affectionate towards her family and close friends and likes to play practical jokes. She had always been a family person. She was close to her brother and dad and every Friday night growing up meant family night at her grandmother’s house for game night. She was also consider generous to her friends. For example, after she got her advance for her first album Frank, she got an apartment with one of her close friends Juliette…show more content…
She would have been considered to have autonomy because she wanted to be independent in her music. She did not like when her label tried to push her into making a new album, she wanted it to come naturally and the songs to have a meaning for her. For infavoidance she would conceal her embarrassment of her use with drugs and would also cover up the violence that was inflicted on her by her husband from her family and friends. For the need defendance, Amy would seem to hid from her family and friends while she was in a relationship with Blake, since they sensed there was physical and drug abuse. She definently hid the fact that she was using drug because she use to cheer at some of her earlier concerts in her career “Class-A drugs are for mugs” and then she started using it with her husband. I believe Amy’s press, external force, for her needs infavoidance and defendance was her husband Blake. He was the cause of her feeling ashamed about what happened in their relationship and the reason for her to start using

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