Alexander's Accommodation And Optimization

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Alexander’s accommodation and assimilation ideas bring forth the idea of Hellenism and eventually lead to globalization. In this film the focus is not entirely on Alexander the Great. It is more so on the rulers and time periods surrounding him, such as his father, Phillip II, and his successor, Ptolemy I. The movie opens with the war between Athens and Sparta, which is the beginning of Phillip II’s diplomatic rule. Phillip is then able to take over Macedonia using new military strategies and advanced weaponry. Some examples being the crossbow in 400 B.C., the tension catapult, and a new attack formation known as the phalanx. In 380 B.C., Phillip and his army take over Athens, giving him control of all the major city-states. His next plan is…show more content…
For example, he knows Persia has a naval fleet, and the only way they will be conquered is very strategically. Alexander’s army takes over each Persian naval base, one by one. The next major accomplishment of Alexander the Great is the siege of Tyre in 332 B.C. Tyre, Lebanon was surrounded by massive walls, only to be conquered by Alexander’s remarkable engineering competence. With the use of a massive siege tower, Alexander and his army are able to breach the cities walls and burn the city from the inside out. After this accomplishment, Egypt welcomes Alexander as a liberator, and he will be portrayed to the Egyptians as a God, specifically the son of…show more content…
For superstitious reasons, Ptolemy hijacks Alexander’s mummified body and reburies it in the city of Alexandria. Soon he will build the world’s first massive light house that was believed to be between three hundred and four hundred fifty feet tall. During Ptolemy’s rule, the intellectual and scientific era begins. Ptolemy buys scholars and philosophes from around the world to work in his library, The Library of Alexander, which allegedly contained 500,000 scrolls. Ptolemy and his family will try their best to adopt Egyptian culture, going as far as marrying his son Hero of Alexandria to his sister. Ptolemy I dies of natural causes in 283 leaving his son, the greatest Greek engineer in history, to rule. Hero developed the first steam powered subject, but it was not developed further because slavery was cheaper. The ending of the film is not very conclusive, leaving the audience with, “the library is burnt to the ground… and Rome adopts the ideas of

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