Epic Aspects Of An Epic Film

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There are many aspects that make up an epic film. The concepts of an epic film are a sweeping score, central character is heroic, a quest is completed, and the costumes are spectacular. Titanic is about a ship that has sunk in the ocean. It was never supposed to sink and they even say that God could not sink the ship. Titanic embarks on a joinery of love between Rose and Jack who are secretly in love. There are many mishaps along the way, but nothing can stop their love for each other. I believe that Titanic is an epic film because it covers each of these categories. The movie Titanic is known for the main theme song “My Heart Will Go On,” by Céline Dion. With this move, the track is played in multiple parts of it. From the beginning to the end there are new renditions of the song that make it unique in the movie. When a part is sad, then there are very sad flutes and pianos, but when the part of the movie is happy then there is a triumphant feeling. The score is very well known for it’s great flow, and powerful message that it gives the viewers and listeners. The sweeping score could go down in history as one of the best scores from a movie.…show more content…
He showed her what a real gentleman was like. Rose’s mom did not approve of Jack because he would not be able to pay off the debts that they inherited, but Rose liked Jack for who he was. Jack Dawson also fell to his death so Rose could survive. I believe that giving yourself up for another person is one of the most heroic things that you could do as a human being. Jack Dawson was a hero in many ways, and these two points showed that he was a tremendous
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