Environmentalism In The 1970's

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Individuals of the 1970’s played the most fundamental role in early environmentalism. These pivotal years created something much more than awareness, they created a green lifestyle. Natives of the 1970’s took the first step in a movement that changed the way we live our lives today. For example, the first Earth Day was distinguished on April 22nd,1970, and is now celebrated annually worldwide. Also, in the years 1970-1972, the Clean Air Act, the Water Pollution Control Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act were all signed into law. Examples of these influences include the song “Apeman,” written by Ray Davies in 1970, preformed by The Kinks; and the Christopher Spruce article, “Environmental laws still growing.” These two works show…show more content…
Rock songs of the 1970’s generally attracted an audience of young adults wanting entertainment, or to be exposed to art in the medium of music, very different from the audience of news articles. Music lyrics, specifically rock music, is heavily influenced by creative writing styles that were poetic, rhythmic and artistic. This is one key convection of the rock music genre. In “Apeman,” Davies inventiveness can be seen throughout the entire song, his originality shows in the lyric, “…we’ll sit in the trees and eat bananas all day, just like an ape man.” Rock music is also written in lyrics or lines and typically not sentences. This also gives the lyricist some imaginative rein when writing. They are also typically written with repetitive, rhyming, and slang words or phrases, for example, “ape man” is mentioned over fifteen times in the song. Davies also writes in reference to modern concepts and pop culture, which is another convention he uses to communicate to his audience. For instance, when he uses words such as “King Kong,” “motor traffic,” and other phrases the readers can relate to, they will leave an impact. He mentions current events or elements in to add humor and refer to something that his audience may recognize or associate with. By using this rhetorical trick, he can make an easy connection with his audience. There is really no limit when it comes to writing music as pretty much anything goes. The artist can shape and configure his writings anyway he wants, conveying their thoughts and ideas in his or her unique

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