Theme Of Power And Corruption In The Hunger Games

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Power and corruption is an issue that is prevalent in many nations and their governments globally, while also being a theme that numerous fiction writers and directors choose to incorporate. Different text types represent this issue in various ways, using specific conventions to do so. The newspaper article, titled ‘U.N. Says Corruption Rampant In Somalia’, does this through providing facts and an intelligent and researched article on the findings of the U.N. The cartoon uses typical political cartoon conventions to represent the varying levels of power and influence of different groups. The novel The Hunger Games follows a storyline of a fight against a corrupt government. These different texts represent the issue of power and corruption, but all do it using varying methods and conventions. The newspaper article uses a variety of persuasive techniques and conventions to represent the the topic of corruption. All of the conventions are used to depict…show more content…
The distinct differences in the way people from certain locations are treated is an indication of this. While the people from the districts are forced to send their children to kill each other, the people of the Capitol watch it for entertainment. “The reaping system is unfair, and the poor are getting the worst of it.” The government in the novel gives people limited access to food unless they put their names forward more times in an effort to feed their families. “You can opt to add your name more times in exchange for tessera.” Forcing children to put their lives on the line just to get enough to eat is a representation of a very corrupt and immoral government. “You become eligible for the reaping the day you turn twelve.” Whilst the novel is about the Games and follows the life of Katniss, the underlying theme throughout the novel is the theme of corruption and

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