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We are Dearly Loved I grew up with the great care of my whole family. However, when I was a little child, I do not think so, and I even think I was just an unconcerned person in my family. And the reason is complicated. When I was a little girl, my parents left me to my grandparents. Then, they seldom appeared in my whole childhood. That is not the main matter, because at that time, I did not have any sense about this thing. Later, one thing happened which impressed me the most and hurt my heart deeply. And from then on, I know the pain of lacking the love of parents. And I suffered it till I was in senior 3. That thing happened when I was in primary school the first semester. When my teacher said we will have a parent’s meeting at the end of this semester, I felt a little worried, because my grade was not good. But I still told my parents this thing, and they agreed that one of them will come. When that day came, our teacher stopped the class so early that we can greet our parents in the school gate. I was waiting my parents behind the school gate with my classmates. However, as time went on,…show more content…
I became more anxious and fretful day after day. When I was in this predicament, and did not know how to ease it, to my surprise, my mother gave up her job and paid attention to taking care of me. Every day, I can see the figure of my mother waiting outside the school gate with pleasure smile, and eat the excellent meal that my mother cooked for me. When I felt angry and anxious, and cannot stand to scream at her, she just endured it and then talked with me gently to release my stress. To make me relax, she bought sweet sugars and tasty fruit for me. After I entered the entrance examination, I found her hair was not just as black as before, but grey, and her face was filled with wrinkles. I knew she worried me really, and spend too much on me. I realized the love of her, of my

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