Oil Drilling Vs Polar Bears

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Polar Bears vs. Oil Drilling As industry expands and the population of humans rise across the world, the endangered species list continues to grow as well. Added to the list in 2008, polar bears are now considered highly endangered in the United States as well as the world. This decrease in population is a result of many aspects, one of the major ones being the effect of oil drilling in the arctic. The negative effects of oil drilling has spread to habitat loss, consumption of health declining chemicals, and impacts on polar bear family life/ birth rates. The way man is carrying out the drilling of oil has negative affects not only on polar bears but the environment as a whole. To begin, Polar bears are one of the most endangered animals in the United States. According to the National Wildlife Foundation, "The Endangered…show more content…
Polar bears can only survive in areas where the oceans freeze" (NWF 2012). Because human man is messing with the ice caps in the arctic it's becoming hard for polar bears to survive. Not only can global warming be to blame, but with humans breaking ice in order to form industry corporations in the arctic Polar Bears are unable to remain on that ice. Polar bears need ice caps in order to hunt for food, and the limitations they're encountering are causing the mammals months of fasting. One of the polar bears main source of food comes from the arctic seal which resides mainly on the ice or below it. Due to this it becomes important to have masses of ice for them to walk on in order to catch their prey. Ice is an essential aspect to the survival of this mammal. Because of

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