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First of all, why “The Cowboy State”? Wyoming earned this name due to many ranches in its borders. Cattle raising has always been a very important part of culture and economy in this state, which leaded to big amount of ranches in the state. Moreover, the state also has an image of a cowboy perched on a bucking horse as a state symbol. But why are people in Wyoming so obsessed with cattle and sheep? A long time ago, emigrants and early settlers from nearby states often used to travel with all of their possessions and livestock. They hoped that they will find a new life in some other place. Once they there travelling past the land that now is known as Wyoming, winter was coming, and soon the cattle and sheep was left behind as the emigrants increased their pace. The assumption was that the cattle and sheep would not make it past winter, which proved to be false, since animals soon grew abundant in the whole area. Big amount of animals led settlers to this land, and after all, numerous ranches and rodeos sprung up all across the state. As for example -“Cheyenne Frontier Days” now. ”Cheyenne Frontier Days” is a name for a rodeo in Wyoming. This rodeo is one of largest in its kinds and draws nearly 200.000 people every year. Why do people enjoy seeing…show more content…
We’re now in the Grand Teton National Park, the park itself covers an area about 1,300 km2 and includes the major peaks of the 40-mile-long Teton Range as well as a some northern sections of the valley known as a Jackson Hole. It’s also only 10 miles away from Yellowstone National Park – another tourist attraction. The Teton Range is a part of worlds famous Rocky Mountains, and is a truly beautiful and perfect place to go on adventures. Top of the peaks, however, is covered with snow almost every time. So if you want to visit it, you better not forget to take some winter clothes with

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