Emperor Was Divine Perseverance

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The characters from the book When The Emperor Was Divine showed bravery in many ways. They learned how to make their way through their new life in the new world they were thrust into a completely new life. They were relocated to the camp Topaz in Utah. They had to readjust to their destroyed home even after having been thrown in a she wanted to help everyone Sheikh wiki jail-like area. I am here to tell you how they displayed courage and perseverance through their journey. The boy displayed courage in many ways. He wrote letters to his father every time he could. He did everything he could to make it through. That takes some courage. He also learned how to cope which shows his perseverance. He had to make it through the internment camp and then readjust to his destroyed home. Something like that would drive me insane. The boy also seemed to be ignorant of the situation and what was going on around him. It seemed to make the situation easier for him. For example, in the book it says, “ ‘Look at this,’ the boy said to her. He was leafing through the pages of a book-Big Game Hunting in Africa.” He seemed to not even mind that the they were being shipped off to a jail-like environment.…show more content…
She helped the woman around the house which seemed to make her life easier. Also, she helped entertain the boy which helped keep him off of her mother’s back. She also helped her mother cope with missing her father. She learned how to do everything she could to make it through the internment. She also helped what was left of her family make it. She just seemed like she wanted to help everyone she could even if they didn't want it. She did like to have some fun to pass time, though. She didn't want to give up all of her

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