Murder Of Emmett Till Essay

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When watching the documentary, The Murder of Emmett Till, and the transcripts of his killer’s confessions, events that are more recent come to mind. A Black Teen is shot several times and killed while cosplaying with a toy sword approximately 35 miles outside downtown Salt Lake City. However, a white man (in the same age range and in the same area) carried an AR-15 assault rifle in a grocery store, not only a loaded, but with an active bullet in the chamber, as well as having the safety off, was merely instructed, “Go home.” Statistics from the U.S Census tell an alarming tale of: 2207 black persons per 100,000 people of color currently incarcerated as opposed to the only 383 white persons to 100,000 Caucasians (Correctional Population in…show more content…
It is important to be instilling a sense of equality in our youth to progress America and its civilians past our current state of turmoil. In, the Murder of Emmett Until, it is mentioned that many white people in Mississippi believed that the Population of color in the area were content with the situation at hand. This idea, of course, is ridiculous now to most of the American population. How could anyone be content with the possibly of being lynched just for looking at someone, or talking to someone? However, is that really any different from those who currently believe racism is not alive in America? This racist disposition, shown in the aforementioned statistics, is still blatantly prevalent. When taken into account that only 14% of the total population is (self-identified) of color but have a higher incarceration rate in contrast to Caucasians is even more telling to America’s dystopic nature (U.S. Census). Throw in, that of the total population of congress; only 8% of colored Americans hold any of positions. Moreover, when looking at the overall data, 82.4% of congress is white, but according to the census, the total population of American Caucasians is 72%. This is not as bad as the staggering gaps in racial statistics for Ferguson but is still alarming in consideration that this is on a national scale. The problem is as small as, who is in the majority of congress, to as big as, who is more likely to be shot by

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