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Emmett Till, the son of Louis Till and Mamie Till-Mobley, was born on July 25, 1941. Emmett was born breached, the umbilical cord was constricted around his right knee, his neck, and left wrist. He could have choked to death! There were many complications the first couple weeks after he was born. Doctors told Mamie, Emmett’s mother, that he would probably be disabled for life. She did not accept that. Turns out the doctors were wrong. Emmett continued to grow, healthy and happy. Emmett and his mother lived with Alma Gaines. Alma was Emmett’s grandmother, Mamie’s mother. They had lived with her since he was a couple of months old because his parents had separated. Louis Till died in 1945 just two weeks before Emmett’s fourth birthday. When Emmett was six years old he was diagnosed with polio. Back then that was one of the worst things you could be diagnosed with. “It didn’t kill you, but it could take your life away from you just the same.” They took him to the hospital and eventually he was quarantined at home. He didn’t seem to have any brain damage and his legs and arms were still moving. On one of the home visits, the doctor discharged Emmett. It had been thirty days and he had finally recovered, or so they thought. Even though…show more content…
Emmett had never been in danger or discriminated against. He had lived with no limitations, the way your suppose to live. “Which is why he had never seen a difference between himself and white kids he might have encountered in school out in Argo, or white adults like the milkman or the iceman he had hustled for work.” This is why Mamie felt she had to give Emmett a talk. She wanted him to know and understand that he wouldn’t be at home, in Chicago, and he had to act different while in Mississippi. So Mamie went through the drill with

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