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Emily Dickinson the famous American poet was born on December 10th 1830, in Amherst Massachusetts. Dickinson enjoyed school and excelled in many of her classes, however at a young age she dealt with depression and many other illnesses that left her missing a great deal of school. For seven years she attended the Amherst academy and then shortly attended the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary but she didn’t stay there long. It isn’t completely certain why she left school, but it is speculated that her emotional issues were just too much and her father wanted her home. From then on Dickinson led a very secluded and introverted life. Around the spring of 1855 Dickinson left Massachusetts for the first time, and travelled with her mother for two weeks to Philadelphia. It was then, in Philadelphia…show more content…
Dickinson was also interested in studying plants and she had a collection of preserved plants. On May 15th 1886 Dickson passed away from a kidney disease, she had been hospitalized for several months before her passing. After Dickinson's death on a few poems were published but of those few all of them were greatly altered to fit in the conventional standards. Shortly after her passing Dickinson’s sister, Lavinia Dickinson discovered the notebooks of her departed sister’s poetry and four years later released these in volumes however these were also altered by the publishers. After the first volume of her poems was published her status as a writer increased significantly. It wasn’t till 1955 that a full collection of her unaltered (for the most part) poems were published entitled. Some of Emily Dickinson’s greatest influences were, Leonard Humphrey, William Wadsworth, and family friend Benjamin Franklin Newton. The style of her poignant and compressed verses influences the 20th century

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