Elizabeth Lies In The Crucible

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The scene shown in Act III depicts the true nature of Elizabeth; the woman who is known to be honest and pure-hearted lies in order to save her husband in court. The real Elizabeth is best seen here as a woman who attempts to save her family by lying and deceiving the court for her and her families own personal gain, even though the reason behind the lie was good-hearted. You can see that once Elizabeth is cornered in the courtroom looking for a way to escape, she turns into a woman who will stop at nothing to protect her family, no matter the cost. The whole reason behind the lie is to protect Johns name in court, and since john told the court that Elizabeth never lies, they believe what she has to say. The plan backfires when john didn’t take into account that Elizabeth might lie, and since Elizabeth has no knowledge of the…show more content…
There are 2 ironic situations happening at this point in time. The first would be when John told the court that Elizabeth never lies, and the one time she does decide to lie it costs them both of their lives. The second is the lie that was so hard for Elizabeth to make ended up crashing down on her, and everything she did was for nothing. To figure out why Elizabeth lied, you have to first look at the background of the situation and try to determine what might have caused her to do such a thing. Since Elizabeth is a virtuous woman she has extremely high moral standards, these standards have caused her to supposedly tell the truth all her life. Now with a woman so pure and true the only thing that could make her deviate from her devout Christian lifestyle would be herself trying to protect a loved one, and in this case Elizabeth is trying to protect John Proctor and his good name from falling
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