Bill Cosby's Influence On Television

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Bill Cosby is the one of the first men who inspired many African Americans to pursue their acting careers. To be African American and to appear on television for a long period of time was extremely rare during the 1970’s time period. Bill Cosby’s first sitcom, which aired for eight seasons on NBC changed the way we watch comedy sitcoms today! In may of 1977, Bill Cosby became Dr. Cosby when he received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Massachusetts. He was proud that he had kept his success up at such a young age. (Bill Cosby Biography) Born on July 12th, in 1937 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bill grew up with four brothers, himself being the oldest. After Bill’s father enlisted in the U.S. Navy, Bill became…show more content…
He and his family ended up living in the Richard Allen Homes, low-income housing project in his neighborhood After Bill’s brother James, the second oldest had passed away, bill started to help with his family's money issue. He began shining shoes at the age of 9, he later found a job at a supermarket. His mother wasn't going to let jobs get in the way of his education. She stressed the value of education which led her to often reading to Bill and and his brothers (Bill Cosby, Print). Bill was often referred to the “Billy the Class Clown”. Rather than completeing his work in Bill would lollygag making him unmotivated to do his work. Eventually Bill became more interested after he joined sports and the school track and even better the football team! After scoring high on his IQ test Bill was proved to be “Smart”. But as usual he failed to apply himself leading to him repeating the grade. Later he dropped out of school and after many odd jobs he joined the U.S. Navy, like his father (Bill Cosby, Print). Bill has many achievements over the years of working throughout the county. One of Bill's…show more content…
His first book, Fatherhood, produced over 2.2 MILLION copies! His Next book was named Time Flies, this book was dedicated to his son's passing. Bill starred in many Jello Pudding Pop commercials. While Bill was living the life of a rockstar he aired in over 10 pudding pop commercials. introduced in 1979 Bill aired in almost every commercial targeting the nickname “Best Giggle” (Bill Cosby's Jell-O Commercials from the 1980s). Bill was one of the first African Americans to ever take a main role on television. Bill's show won many grammys for the comedy it portrayed. The show ran for a total of 8 years making many families grow with great laughter. Bill changed the way America looks at African Americans. Although segregation was put to an end many caucasians still continued to look at African Americans in disgust. Bill encouraged African Americans to presume their careers in television. Bill Cosbys hit movie Fat Albert was used very frequently in discussions as in a teaching tool in schools. There us talk that bill Cosby had a big impact on Barack Obama's election. Growing up as a class clown, bill was able to become one of America’s most successful

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