Seabiscuit And The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream is an ethos which guarantees prosperity, independence, and social mobility within our society. It gives an individual or even a beast, an opportunity to restart their lifestyle with determination and passion, as portrayed in the novel Seabiscuit, written by Laura Hillenbrand. As the story unfolds we come to an understanding of how ones situation at a given moment can alter ones overall perspective on life itself. The principal theme Laura Hillenbrand has incorporated in Seabiscuit is undoubtedly the American Dream because of the viewpoints of characters like Charles Howard, Red Pollard, and Seabiscuit. The novel is inducted from the viewpoints of Charles Howard with correlation to the San Francisco earthquake on April 18, 1906. The earthquake alters not only Howard’s life but that of thousands of individuals from…show more content…
Who would have hypothesized that such a beast would upraise from being lethargic to be known as an American Legend. Seabiscuit’s personality would inspire any individual who would be described as an underdog to reach out to his full potential. From the numerous moments of faults which can be characterized as a recession, like America was at the time, Seabiscuit managed to use the American Dream and prosper into an award winning stallion. For example when Seabiscuit is not physically stable to compete, Smith stated, “and the handicappers said he wasn’t in condition” (237), ending in Seabiscuit winning the gold trophy. This is a prime occurrence where an individual would underestimate someone because of a fault, according directly to the American Dream, there is independence where one can’t be judged nor told a specific path to agree with. Seabiscuit’s overall ideology astounds the reader by taking into focus of how the American Dream is functioned in accordance to the

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