Personal Narrative: My Identity

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Identity. The concept which many people spend their whole lives attempting to shape into some perfect textbook entry. I have learned that identity is not only a matter of how the world looks at you or how you’ll be remembered, but a manifestation of everything I know, feel, and everything I have ever known or have ever felt. Who am I? Am I what this application says I am? A full IB student with a respectable GPA? Yes. But I am also that time when I failed that test. I’m that moment when a friend needed help and I gave it. I’m right now, debating whether I should tell colleges about my failed test. All of these things are a part of me and whether consciously or subconsciously, they play a role in everything I do or say. Knowing this and the fact that you will have to choose me based on my identity, I must ask, what elements of myself would an institution find desirable?…show more content…
Not only do I lack an ability to know what it is I truly desire, but I have always denied this and stayed stubborn to old ways even when change was the best option. An example of this would be my constant refusal to become involved with music in years past of which I am now wholly involved and grateful for it. While old habits die hard, I am finally attempting to accept my true nature. I am a blank slate. Sure there are some areas I lean towards but I’m counting on you, the institution, to help me find what path I truly want to take and how my identity will be shaped. I feel this is desirable because it means I’m open to persuasion to guide me to whatever place we think I can best improve the world and ultimately determine my
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