Andy Capp Slot Machine Analysis

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Andy Capp by Simbat You must have played many slots, but there is nothing out there like Andy Capp by Simbat. In this slot, you have more chances of winning a big payout when you bet more. It is a slot offered by Simbat who have already gained fame as a company providing fruit machine themed slots. Andy Capp is no exception. It looks more like a fruit machine emulator and does not resemble to the conventional slots. Unlike other popular slots which have five reels and many paylines, this slot has just three stepper type reels and just one payline which is spread over the three reels. Now we will review this AndyCapp slot machine and briefly describe the various features of the slot. Graphics and Design: If you are used to playing classic slots,…show more content…
Also, you can instantly win if ‘3 in a line match it’ icon glows. Through this, you will get a winning combination of three symbols automatically. How to Play? All the functions of the slot are displayed at the bottom of the screen which makes it easier for players to get used to the controls. Going from left to right, you will find the following buttons displayed at the bottom of the screen: Collect/Reset, Hold, Hold, Hold, Choose bet, Head, Tail and Start/Stop. You can encash your winnings from the previous spins using Collect/Reset button at any point of time. With the help of three hold options, you can stop the reels from spinning. This is used when you want to stop any reel from spinning if it has any Valuable coin featured in it. You need to be smart while choosing which reel to prevent from spinning because here, your decision can help you win huge payouts. Play at our website for real money or for free Now that you all about the slot, you can play the Andy Capp Slot machine at our website for free to win a huge sum of real money. We offer lucrative joining bonus and it is extremely easy to access this slot at our website. We also have andycapp fruit machine for sale for interested

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