Electrical Engineering: The Job Description Of An Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineering Did you know electrical engineers don’t only work in power plants? These engineers also work on electric racecars. This paper will discuss the job description of an electrical engineer, the job opportunities, salary, training and advancements in the field. An electrical engineer’s job description is that an electrical engineer studies and applies the physics and mathematics of electricity. Electrical engineers also apply electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism to small and large systems. Electronics engineer and electrical engineer are used interchangeably but they have slight changes making them two different disciplines. Everything from a cell phone to a power plant an electrical engineer helped design…show more content…
There are many job opportunities such as the designing and maintenance of electrical power systems like the power grid and power plants. Another job includes working on microelectronics mostly consisting of computer parts. Signal processing is a very important job held by electrical engineers. Without this technological advancement things such as space exploration and the internet could not exist. Wired and wireless communication like land lines and cell phones are also an electrical engineer's job to design. Integrated circuit design is also the job of an electrical engineer. You can also work in software engineering. Which is designing networks and specialised software. Computer design is another job held by electrical engineers. You can work every where from offices to labs to industrial plants. Some industries available are the manufacture of electrical components and computer equipment. Others available are industrial machinery, medical and scientific instrumentation, transportation, and communication. Other industries include communication, computer related sectors,…show more content…
Salary depends on the industry and the degree you possess (Is Electrical Engineering Right for Me). According to (electrical and electronics engineers) median pay is $45.78 dollars an hour and $95,230 dollars a year. Salary varies widely depending on your degree, years of experience, the area, and the job you posses. The job outlook is to grow two percent by the year 2020. The us has approximately 1.6 million jobs in electrical engineering. With the fast growing electronic invocation, engineering jobs are likely to keep growing. The engineering field is fast growing and being pushed by modern electronics demand (U.S. Bureau of Labor

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