Essay On Stalin's Transformation Of The Soviet Union

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Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union as a virtual dictator between 1928 and 1954. During the first ten years of his rule Stalin introduced dramatic change to the Soviet Union in the areas of industrialisation, agriculture, culture and education. While there were some benefits for both the nation and the people with respect to the consequences of his policies on industrialisation and education, the impact of his policies regarding agriculture, and culture was overwhelmingly damaging to the Russian people, and consequently, the nation as a whole. Therefore, it can be said that between 1928 and 1938 Stalin had a largely devastating impact on the people, but a less damaging one on the Soviet Union itself. To a large extent Stalin’s transformation of the Soviet Union into a strong industrial nation had a positive effect on the nation. This was required as the Soviet Union was 50 to 100 years behind the world’s major industrial powers at that time. Stalin’s transformation of the Soviet Union into an industrial nation was achieved through the introduction of a series of five year plans designed to develop the Soviet economy. The first Five Year Plan was introduced in 1928. This plan required heavy industry…show more content…
p. 25] It is clear the Stalin’s policies on industrialisation were effective in transforming the Soviet Union into a great industrial power in the world. As well as this, there were some benefits for the Russia people, as hard work was generously rewarded with better conditions, higher pay and superior housing. [Brooman, J 1988. p. 12] Furthermore, the Soviet workers were better off than those in other countries which were suffering from the Depression as there was no unemployment. Therefore it cannot be said that Stalin’s policy of industrialisation had a damaging impact on the Soviet Union or all of its

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