Eleanor Roosevelt Characteristics

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A compassionate person lends a hand to anyone who asks for it. An encouraging person helps people to follow a dream, complete a goal, or do something they have never done before. A dedicated person starts a project or sets a goal and always finishes the project or completes the goal. Eleanor Roosevelt exhibits all three of these traits. Eleanor Roosevelt was a compassionate leader, encouraging role model, and a dedicated first lady. Eleanor Roosevelt spent many years traveling around the word helping anyone who asked for it. She would go to another country and help the homeless find shelter, the poor find financial aid, and the unemployed find employment. She soon realized that she needed to expand from just helping America and started to help the entire world change (Roosevelt, page 3). She did not limit herself to the poor, homeless, and unemployed however. She visited military soldiers who were fighting in World War II and gave them any type of assistance they asked for. According to Elliot Roosevelt, Eleanor…show more content…
Elliot Roosevelt said that she “encouraged the emergence of feminine leaders.” (Page 4). She helped to bring the idea of a woman leader into the minds of the people. She broke the barrier of the general woman stereotype of women staying at home and taking care of their children rather than working. She also traveled to Japan and talked to Japanese women and helped them become more important in Japanese society after years of being part of a feudal society where women had very few rights. She participated in the League of Women Voters, The Women’s Trade Union League, wrote a newspaper column, held press conferences, and had a radio program. These things helped to promote Women’s rights and encouraged women and girls to pursue their goals and fulfill their dreams. Girls and women looked up to her as a role model, and her encouragement inspired many women to achieve their
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