Franklin D Roosevelt Infamy Speech Essay

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Leading up to Roosevelt’s “Infamy Speech” he had a number of things happen that directly or indirectly shaped his speech. While Roosevelt’s country had been physically attacked by Japan, he had been dealing with numerous emotional problems as well. Roosevelt’s mother, Sara Roosevelt, died 3 months before the attacks on Pearl Harbor. This, undoubtedly, shaped Roosevelt’s emotional state at the time of his speech, and may have even been a further drive to win the war. With his mother gone, Roosevelt also had to deal with a messy marriage. Roosevelt’s marriage at the time of the “Infamy Speech” turned into more of a political arrangement than anything unfortunately. Roosevelt was distraught that his wife, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, moved out into her own house due to his own infidelity. Roosevelt’s relationship troubles at the time of the “Infamy Speech” surely affected his mental state. A remarkable thing about Franklin D. Roosevelt is that he was known for turning his challenges in his personal life into his own drive to fix his problems. This relates to the Pearl Harbor attack because, just like Roosevelt turning his personal struggles into a personal drive, he started to use the attack on Pearl Harbor to increase the drive and unity of America, and wage a war…show more content…
In 1913 (28 years before the “Infamy Speech) Woodrow Wilson appointed Roosevelt Assistant Secretary of the Navy. At this time Roosevelt was known to have had a deep-rooted passion for the US Navy. This is significant due to the fact that after the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, close to the entire US Pacific Naval Fleet had been destroyed. This was more personal to Roosevelt because of his special affection for the US Navy. The destruction of the Naval Fleet turned joining and winning the war more of a personal decision to Roosevelt, and that showed in his

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