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The Downfall of Man Man has had many enemies over the course of time. From the beginning of time the obstacle was just surviving. After the issue was solved and people could stay in one place and continue living the issue became other people and fighting for, with, and against them. A theme that has been present and an issue throughout all of time is the overconfidence of man. The is an issue due to the fact that when people feel overconfident they feel more powerful than they are and try to change how the world functions or thinks. The power of this is almost like a narcotic to people, they can’t distance themselves from it after even the smallest taste of it. MacBeth is the pivotal character in Shakespeare’s argument saying that overconfidence is the biggest enemy to mortal man. He represents the different stages of confidence and overconfidence and the downfall of that flaw. At first MacBeth is a confident general of Duncan’s army. He has the power of the army behind him and feels powerful. This is the normal amount of confidence that Macbeth has at any given time. Shakespeare puts forth the argument that this may already make him feel too strong. This argument is shown when the witches enter and…show more content…
The apparition has just told him that until an entire forest miles away from him moves to his castle he won’t have anything to fear. This shifts when he finds out that Duncan’s son Malcolm has joined forces with Macduff and is planning an assault on Dunsinane Hill using the branches of trees from Birnam Wood as camouflage signaling the end of Macbeth’s reign as

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