Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights

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The Need for Speed The well respected and longest-serving First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.” This quote might not be one hundred percent true but is used in the opening of the movie Talladega Nights. Although the quote was not said by Eleanor Roosevelt it accurately describes the Nascar comedy. Talladega Nights stars the comedic genius Will Ferrell with plenty of distinguished costars. There have been many Will Ferrell comedies that have been successful and unique in comedy films, especially Talladega Nights. There are many characteristics that a comedy movie must attain in order to be remembered as the best and those traits consist of energy, characters, and humor. Being number…show more content…
The number one rated movie was The Lego Movie, and other movies like Anchorman made it before Talladega Nights. Rolling Stone explains Will Ferrell and his role in The Lego Movie as the evil and insecure leader of Legoland, “But towards the end of the film, the actor actually shows up as "The Man Upstairs" — in a live-action section that sends the film spinning off in a touching, oddly philosophical direction. What seemed to be a freewheeling, joke-filled trifle suddenly becomes an inquiry into the mind of God. And, perhaps even more impressively, what initially appeared to be a parody of a benevolent dictator... turns into a performance that brings the pathos without becoming pablum. Ferrell is responsible for all of it” (Will Power 11). The children's film shed a light on Ferrells different sense of humor and set of acting skills that is new and refreshing. While the children’s film is new and refreshing other audiences prefer the classic film Anchorman. Anchorman was the first movie to display Will Ferrell and his unique comedy throughout the whole film. In fact Rolling Stone decided, “This is that rare movie that manages to make us laugh at the same joke over and over again” (Will Power 11). Everybody enjoys the

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