Eleanor Roosevelt's Influence On Society

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It was not a rare sight in the early 1900’s for a wealthy, middle aged man to become a strong political power. On the other hand, it was a whole different story for a woman to become a strong political power. It could be said that every American knows the name of the Roosevelts and their accomplishments. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most admired women in the United States, as well as influential. Although she was a wealthy and famous she was able to identify with ordinary people and their fears as well as their hopes. Because of this, Eleanor Roosevelt advanced Franklin Roosevelt’s career after he contracted polio through her political and professional activities. On August 25th, 1921 Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio. Between 1921 until 1928, Franklin Roosevelt focused on rehabilitation from contracting polio while Eleanor Roosevelt expanded her own political career and was able to created herself to become a political leader who was nationally recognized. In the text First Lady of the 20th Century Ted Gottfried states “By 1928 Eleanor was a national figure with a solid base in New York Democratic politics. She was editor of the Women’s Democratic News, on the board of directors of the Foreign Policy Association, director…show more content…
Eleanor again went out for FDR and was able to report back that many of New York’s working class was on the brink of poverty and needed immediate help. Through what Eleanor told FDR he created programs that provided help for those who were in the worst shape and created jobs for the unemployed. She became well known throughout the state as a “sympathetic representative of the governor who would listen and help” (Gottfried, 65). It was quite clear that Eleanor’s advice played an important part in his decisions. This had a direct correlation with how FDR was viewed and helped him be reelected for a second term as

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