Gib Finnsey Chapter Summaries

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Gib Finney is an ordinary boy who goes to school living an ordinary life. The story starts out with Gib Finney at school with a science experiment at hand. He gets partnered up with a girl that always got on his nerves. Not that Lorraine Frogner was bad and all but she always wanted to do things her way and was obsessive over every little thing. Gib actually thinks that Lorraine is actually nice at times. Gib's science experiment was to put apply many different things on a potato and write down what happened to it. Gib and Lorraine wanted to do different things to the potato. In the end Gib got his way and put salt on the potato, but Lorraine wanted to lightly salt them and Gib knew they would need heavy amounts of salt. By the end of class the…show more content…
He and his best friend Ash were super close and passed notes in that class to keep each other awake. As Gib opened his binder to get papers for math a forgotten straw fell out Encouraged by Ash’s smile, Gib takes a fat wad of paper and puts it in the straw. In the course of split second Lorraine’s spitball hits Gib right on the cheek and Gib’s hits the teacher. The teacher accuses Lorraine because she still had her straw in her hands. Gib decides to get revenge because his cheek stung and Lorraine was caught. Nothing could keep Gib from being very excited because the carnival was today and he had been looking forward to it for weeks. The games, the fortune teller, the devil’s elevator he and Ash were dying to ride was too much to keep him down. After school Ash had a soccer game, so the planned to meet up later and go to the carnival together. After school she called Gib’s dad and said she won’t be able to take care of his sister because she was “sick”. Gib was mad because now he has to go to the carnival with his sister. Gib wanted to go out and catch some air his dad said to come home before dinner. On his way out he went to the woods thinking if he had to take his sister he will have to get on the baby rides with

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