Misrepresentation In The Media

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Representation within media is one of the biggest points of contention encountered by anyone trying to consume any sort of coherent media (be it visual media, or written media). The issue I chose to pursue is misrepresentation and underrepresentation of minority groups, which is an issue prevalent in modern media. In this case, representation is how much a certain demographic is accurately shown and developed within the media, particularly in terms of presentation and behavioral patterns. In the case of minority groups, this representation is typically inaccurate or inadequate; stereotypes are often used. Media, whether produced purely for the purposes of entertainment, or information, tends to have a dramatic influence on those who consume it. It is important to consider the implications of this misrepresentation in media. By pandering to the “majority” audiences, creators of media tend to perpetuate stereotypes about minorities, which can lead to widespread ignorance as to how certain cultures actually work. This ignorance can take many forms, from simple lack of understanding, to harassment (this in turn can be intentional, or unintentional). Such ignorance in the worst of cases can be used to perpetuate discrimination, as has happened in the past; while misrepresentation is not the direct cause of discrimination, the two are…show more content…
It is easier to stick to the established status quo when writing up stories for movies and TV shows, for example, and so the typical cast of white actors might be chosen. Little effort might be made to create programs that feature mixed casts with minorities being represented among the main characters (and not as side characters). By taking the easy route, and going with what is known, entertainment producers end up not putting effort to making their shows more accessible and accurate when attempting to introduce characters of ethnic

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