Edgar Allan Poe Who Is The Narrator In The Raven

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"The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe is a narrative poem with 18 stanzas and 108 lines. As being a dark writer, this is one of the darkest and most melancholy poem he has ever written. In this poem, the author uses the narrator in first person view, setting in December in his chamber or as known as his room. The unnamed narrator is reading an old book at midnight in December, as he hears a knock at his door. As he is thinking to himself who would it be at the door in midnight, and was grieving for a lost women someone named Lenore (his wife? his girlfriend?) who might have passed away which was very dear to him. As he opens the door there is no one there so he whisper Lenore and in return he hear Lenore an echo of his own voice. As he was about to go back to reading his book he hears a tapping at his window, as he investigate what was making the tapping sound, he opens his window and suddenly a raven enters and sits at his chamber door. The narrator finds the raven amusing and asks it for its name, to which the raven…show more content…
He does not understand the ravens reply, as it says nothing else until the narrator predicts that it will leave him like the rest of his friends. Then the bird again says, "Nevermore" and jumps onto a statue nearby. Startled, the narrator says that the raven must have learned this word from its previous owner to repeat the word frequently. As he ponders upon the empty chair where Lenore will never seat and ask himself if he would one day meet Lenore in heaven, to which the raven replied Nevermore. In fury, the narrator calls the raven evil prophet and tells the raven to get lost and go back to hell where it's from. But still the raven says Nevermore and just sits at the statue and staring at the narrator, leaving the narrator thinking that his soul will never more leave the raven's
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