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Task A Supervision Notes Ai What is meant by the term ‘’duty of care’’? Having a ‘’duty of care’’ means to pay attention and be cautious of many things that could affect the others or put them at risk. It is not only the care establishment that needs to prioritise the safety , welfare and interests of the people it cares for, but also the care workers themselves who work at the care organisations. Aii How the duty of care affects the work of a social care worker? The employer provides the policies and the procedures that need to be followed being aware of the potential dangers and carrying out risk assessments. The social worker’s responsibility is to keep individuals safe from harm and also minimise de risks if possible. Aiii What…show more content…
This causes a dilemma as they have the right to refuse to eat but your duty of care means you must try and get them to eat could cause conflict between the resident and me, the care giver, trying to feed them. Bii Choose one of the situations and describe how best to manage the risks involved, explaining the reasons why this would be best practice Talking to the service user about why it is important for her to eat and explaining to her all the further complications she could experience by not eating would be best as once she understands why it is important for her own health and well-being she would probably eat. This would be the best practice because we are helping the individual to understand the risks of her behaviour by providing her with enough information and examples about the risks involved so she doesn’t feel that we are imposing certain behaviour. By giving her enough information we can then encourage her to eat, explaining to her in this situation that the beauty comes from within and that there are better and healthy ways to lose weight than starving herself. Biii Explain where a social care worker can find advice, support and information relating to conflicts and dilemmas in adult social…show more content…
Every care home and social care service must have an efficient procedure for dealing with complaints and have copies of the services complaints procedure so that anyone who asks can see it. Cii Describe how best to respond to complaints from service users, other practitioners and the family of service users When responding to complaints it is important to have an open and honest approach and treat people with respect. An important and influencing factor of how you respond is the manner in which you do it. ‘Always welcome any suggestions and take any concerns seriously, no matter how insignificant they may seem.’ Listen to what everybody who is involved have to say, see things from both perspectives and also respect the other’s point of view. It is crucial to maintain a positive relationship at all times and remember your duty of care towards parents and their children. Verbal complaints can be discussed with the senior members of staff and also the family involved so together can come up with an action plan to achieve the desired

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