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Tafarel Romero Mrs.Nixon Pre-AP English II May 11, 2015 The Life Inside a Beehive A bee is a common insect seen outdoors mainly during the seasons of spring and summer as they fly from flower to flower collecting pollen and taking it back to their hive where the use the pollen to build the hive and make honey. There are eleven different types of bees, the first is the American Bumble Bee. This bumble bee only has black stripes behind its wings and it has 1-3 yellow stripes on its abdominal region. Their rear legs have pollen pouches that hold the pollen they collect from the venturing around all the flowers. They use the pollen to make honey which helps keep them alive during the colder months, but they also drink flower nectar. (http://www.insectidentification.org/insect-description.asp?identification=American-Bumble-Bee) The next bee is the Augochlora Sweat Bee. This bee has a bright metallic green color, they are also small bees and vary in their social skills. In the hive they are more solitary than the honey bee. These bees can also handle cooler weather than most bees and can often be seen during the end of winter and early spring. In southeast portion of the US they may appear more purple or blue in color.…show more content…
The process of making honey is given to the worker bees in the fifth stage of their lives where they leave the hive to go out and collect the two necessities needed to make honey, nectar and pollen, the bees drink the nectar which goes to the “honey stomach” and they collect nectar by rubbing their legs against the flowers and the nectar sticks to the little hairs on them and also into the “pollen baskets” they have on their hind legs they mix the nectar and pollen together and fly back to the hive to give it to the bees in charge of tending to

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