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“The White Umbrella” Destanie Collins Do you think family is more important than material possessions? In “The White Umbrella” the narrator comes from a Chinese- American family, living in an American town. The narrator’s family is having a hard time with money so her mother takes a job. The narrator becomes ashamed and material focused comparing herself to other people who she perceives to have the perfect family. In the story, “The White Umbrella” the narrator learns a lesson about shame and acceptance through several events in the story. The narrator was ashamed of her mother working. This leads to struggle and emotional hardship for the narrator’s character. In the story “The White Umbrella” the narrator is ashamed of her mother working.. The narrator then starts lying to try and cover up her shame. To impress her teacher, the narrator makes up a lie about having a convertible car. The text says, “No, that’s okay,’ I answered. Mona wrung her hair out on Miss. Crossman’s rug. ‘We just couldn’t get the roof our car to close, is all. We took it to the beach last summer and got sand in the mechanism.’ I pronounced this last word carefully, as if the credibility of my lie depended on its middle syllable.” The narrator then compares herself to Eugenie Roberts who she thinks she has the perfect family, Eugenie has the materials, the look, the…show more content…
After receiving the umbrella from Miss. Crossman and wishing for her to be her mother she felt bad. On the way home the narrator’s mom had a small accident. When her mom stopped moving and had her eyes closes. She panicked and thought she was dead. She realized that family is important and that she shouldn’t be ashamed of what her mother has to do to provide an efficient life. The narrator then threw the umbrella down the sewer finalizing her decision of accepting what she

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