Maria Sibylla Merian

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Women in Science GS102 La Toyia Wertz Grantham University Women have had vital roles in the history of Science. For thousands of years women have worked side by side to men in their search for scientific knowledge. Women’s roles in the 18th century began to evolve, due in large to the economic changes in the middle class. Women were also characterized that they were mentally and socially inferior to men. Women were equal but different. And lastly women were equal in both mental ability and a contribution to society. However his allowed women to get directly involved and out of the home. Many label this time as Women scientist forgotten in history. Women scientist were directly written out of the history books, the…show more content…
On remarkable woman that comes to mind is Maria Sibylla Merian born in Germany in 1647. Merian was trained as an artist by her stepfather. She started at the age of thirteen paining images of insects and plants largely from specimens she would capture. Merian would spend her time researching insects. She stared observing silk worms, gradually moved on to caterpillars. She was quick to find that caterpillars transformed into butterflies. Merian would publish her first book of natural illustration at the age of 28, shortly after Merian was awarded a grant to travel to South America. The nature of her tip was designed as a scientific Expedition. We believe this made Merian the first person to plan a journey solely for the purpose of science. After two years in South America, she was forced to return. Upon her return she published her work. What made Merian famous was her careful observation of Butterflies. Marian is known to be one of the most significant contributors to…show more content…
She was a big deal, the whole entire school was talking about her. I was very shy, quite girl, that kept to myself didn’t have many friends growing up. But when Sally Ride came to my school and was coming to speak with my class and I was able to personal meet and present the first female astronaut with a gift from the school, it was a big deal. Sally Ride was the first female astronaut to ride into space. Ride was one out of six women picked for NSA training program. Ride’s first trip to space was on June 18th, 1983. Ride was the one to operate the arm that helped put satellites into space. Ride retired from NSA in 1987, the same year I met her. After retiring from NSA she then began to teach at UC San Diego. Sally found ways to help women and girls who wanted to study science. In 2003 Sally Ride was added to the Astronauts hall of

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