Compare And Contrast The Three Great Empires

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The three great empires of the time were the Han in China, and the Roman in Europe, and Gupta in India. Each was destined to fall, each in there own way. The first to fall was the Han Empire, two centuries later the Roman Empire collapsed, they got too big to control the empire the Gupta was the third to fall because White Han threatened India. Empires come and Empires go, the Empire declines the Han because they lost the mandate of heaven, the Romans got too large to control their empire and the Gupta’s got invaded by the white Hans. the muslims and mongols Empires would take their place over time. they would see the advantages take place in technology and travel, and they created a new world. The first to fall was the Han Empire, the Han dynasty ruled China for 400 years. They had the strong centralized rule and expanded China’s boarder. It was the time of peace and increased prosperity and the economic was well-being. However, the Han dynasty collapsed, they lost the mandate of heaven, it was a natural disaster and the warlord took over. Two centuries later, the Rome Empire that lasted 1,000 years and the Pax Roma had kept the peace was collapsed. The empire was getting…show more content…
the Khan managed to unite the mongol tribes into a powerful fighting force. The mongol created the largest empire large as the Muslim Empire and six times larger than Rome. The mongols ruled because they were nomads, and they also had real experience with the government. During the centuries from 300 to 1500 the various region of the world became increasingly connected, around the time a huge network of exchange developed across the mongol world and beyond. This network relied on the Pax Mongolica, the peace and the security that prevailed under mongol rule. The Mongol Empire lasted for around a century. Then, like all giant empires, it

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