Huck And Jim's Evolution In 'The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn'

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Gabriel Dybas Mrs. Duncan A.P. Literature 7 November 2014 Friendship: Huck and Jim’s evolution The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a book driven by the society and ethics of the past. Slavery, or better defined as the owning of someone for own personal gain, created a gap between the Caucasian and African-American cultures of our past. Why is this relevant to the story? It shows how one’s views on a person, shouldn’t judge how you view them as well. Mark Twain, the author of the book, symbolized this through a young boy named huck, and a slave named Jim. As the two furthered away from society, so did their racial prejudices toward each other. Thus producing an evolutionary relationship between Huck and Jim From the start of the book, you can feel as if huck thinks he is royalty compared to Jim. This was expected from being brought up in the society that he had been. Huck essentially thought of Jim as if he…show more content…
In Chapter 15, after the two had escaped from society by themselves on the boat, a foggy night occurs. Huck finds this as an opportunity to deceive Jim again and exploit how gullible he was. The two had been stranded from each other, and the situation had put Jim into a panicked mindset. When huck meets back with Jim, he deceives him, saying that Jim had dreamt the whole experience up, and it never actually had happened. Jim realizes that he is being lied to and is angry toward Huck, suggesting that it was a mean joke; this made huck feel bad, and promised to never play another joke on him. Still being early in the story, the fog incident represents how hucks relationship with Jim is still raw at this point in the book, but has shown improvement. Huck still sees Jim as someone he can take advantage of, but also feels remorse because of the things he had done. Jim on the other hand is ready be friends with huck, but isn’t sure if he can fully trust

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