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Chapter 19 The Jungle Stamp Paid feels compelled to go to 124 and help Sethe’s family after he learns that Paul D left because of what Paul D told him. His mind then returns to his days at his plantation where he had to give his wife to his masters son this was his greatest “gift” so h renamed himself Stamp Paid to signify that after that “sacrifice” he didn’t owe anyone anything. Meanwhile Sethe realizes that Beloved is her dead daughter reincarnated when. She steals food from the restaurant she works at because she can’t stand the racism of the local grocers. She has a rememory of Sweet Home and the dehumanizing tactics of the Schoolmaster. Halle believed that the Garner’s “benevolent” domination and enslavement tactics were just as bad…show more content…
She begins to think about how much she loves her children and how desolate she felt after she killed her baby girl. She then thinks of her mother and wonders why she was lynched, and if she loved Sethe as much as Sethe loves her own children. Chapter 21 Love is Fear The narration changes in this chapter as Denver speaks. Denver reveals the Howard and Buglar ran away because they feared Sethe would try to kill them again and that she loves Sethe so ardently, partially out of fear. She vows to protect Beloved from Sethe and longs to meet her sweet loving father, Halle. Chapter 22 She is Me The narration changes as Beloved speaks in first person. Beloved speaks about her time before she had a body when she was just a spirit surrounded by death disease suffering and people who wanted to leave their body( this description reminded me of a slave ship). She then describes becoming a body and emerging from the water, at that point she felt overcome with a need to be home or accepted. She let the need guide her and found herself in front of Sethe and felt whole. There’s a lot of imagery pertaining to enslavement especially the ion…show more content…
Beloved frequently states how Sethe lost her and then found her. Beloved expresses her love for Sethe and fear that the white men will intrude. Sethe consoles her while Denver vows to protect her from the pain of loving Sethe. Chapter 24 The Fire Halle reflects on his life and his grief of the loss of his brothers, Paul A and Paul F. He reflects on Mr. Garner’s “kinder” treatment of the enslaved Black men and begins to realize that Mr. Garner’s treatment was fundamentally the same as the schoolmaster’s treatment of them. He remembers the botched escape plan that resulted in sixo being burned and later Sethe being raped. He also recalls that learning his monetary worth made him dehumanize himself and he wishes he had killed himself. Chapter 25 Fear Stamp Paid finds Paul D and confides in him about his name change. He expresses his anger for his wife after she had been raped repeatedly by the slave master’s son, he then tries to redeem Sethe in Paul D’s eyes. Paul D responds that that he fears Sethe and

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