Robustness In Othello

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Trenton Roberts Professor Kason Whitten British Literature 2 November 2014 Othello In the play Othello by William Shakespeare , Othello was an articulate moor who was a soldier of the venice military. The physical surroundings of being a soldier shaped three psychological traits into othello; Purity , Robustness , and Loyalty. However , Othello let his insecurities of love make all of his psychological traits vanish. These psychological traits turned into negative moral traits. Othello ultimately became weak-minded and Impulsive. He represented robustness by simply being around people who disliked him. He represented his level of Purity (Love)…show more content…
Othello represented his psychological trait of robustness when he was sent to famagusta by duke to battle the turks. ‘’The Turk with a most mighty preparation makes for Cyprus. Othello, the fortitude of the place is best known to you;’’ (Duke 1.3.236 - 238) Cyprus was viewed as an environment where the sun shines 340 times a year. This island does not have any serious history regarding diseases Othello showed that he was fearless and powerful enough to overcome of any obstacle placed before him. In result , the turks were…show more content…
Othello’s psychological traits became inactive. After iago weakened othello's mind , othello became more hostile. His actions showed it because when he first began to believe iago's accusations , he quickly changed his attitude towards desdemona and even iago. For example , Desdemona tried to comfort othello with her handkerchief and he pushed her hand away. Othello became mad at iago for telling him the news so late considering the fact that iago is one of othello’s chief officers. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”(Mahatma Gandhi, All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections). Othello was psychologically affected by this because his heart was broken for a short period of time until he found out iago lied. He also suffered a great amount of emotional distress After he found out iago lied , his impulsiveness kicked in. He instantly killed himself after he found out that cassio

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