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Katherine Dunham, “she’s a dancer, choreographer and anthropologist.” (Katherine Dunham Biography), took Caribbean and Brazilian influences and mesh them together with european choreography. Adding her unique style of dance she has inspired and awed the people around her through caribbean dance that is blended by African, indigenous and european influences. Along with that she had the feel of brazilian dancing and or samba. It’s a very lively and very rhythm based dance too. Katherine revolutionized American Dance in the 1930’s, by using her black roots to help guide her in the process. With her cultural background to engrave and touch upon to better herself in dance and to show another meaning to dance itself. To show others that dance is also from within and that you can use what you are given. It’s something that is meaningful to you and your audience will know how hard you worked to put on a show for them to see. To even tell a story too. One clip that I found was of her first full length ballet piece, called “Pas de duex - L’ay’ya” as you watch (1:22) you can tell that it isn’t your average Ballet techniques. I find it to be more of her own, but show some basics here and there. She wanted to add flare and show that dancing can be in any form as long as there is basics involved. You could also…show more content…
She put two and two together to make something that represents herself in a different way. She became a voice with reason through dance. When she moved to New york, she became the dance director of the New York Labor Stage. Her dance company appeared on Broadway. She ran her own company with no government fundings, just earnings money by performing and appearing in a few Hollywood movies. A few years later she opened Dunham School of Dance and Theater in

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