Euripides Medea

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Medea by Euripides questions and challenges the role of women in ancient Greek society. Most of these social roles are still somewhat compulsory for women to follow today in modern society, although they are slowly becoming less enforced. This is due to the gradual advance of feminism, ‘’the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men’’. Euripides conceives a strong female character with a feminist twist to express strong arguments about the unfair role women play, but ultimately contradicts them all, causing Medea to become a failed attempt at feminism. There is a continuous debate of whether or not Medea by Euripides is written with a feminist tone or with a chauvinistic tone.…show more content…
In this speech, she questions how fair her role in society truly is. She begins by opposing the idea of marriage, ‘’…it is required for us to buy a husband and take for our bodies a master ’’ and how women are forced to stay in these marriages, ‘’and now the question is serious whether we take a good or bad one; for there is no easy escape’’ . She is so miserable with the gender inequality that she goes as far as to say, ‘’we women are the most unfortunate creatures’’. There is no doubt as to why Medea feels this way, as women in ancient Greek society were considered extremely inferior. Women were seen as weak and therefore needed to obey certain duties. These duties are headlined with the role of being the wife, the mother, and the caregiver. Medea continues her speech to express how she has been obligated to carry out her role as a mother. She was forced into giving birth to two children and because of this she is deeply resentful, ‘’What they say of us is that we have a peaceful time, living at home, while they do all the fighting in war. How wrong they are! I would very much rather stand three times in the front of battle than bear one child’’ . Although Medea’s strong arguments are written in a way that seem like Euripides is indeed trying to present an idea of feminism, it is important that the play be seen as a

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