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Adrienne Chan Ms. Kelly Language Arts, Period 4 May 1, 2015 Love and Support Families and friends support each other in many different ways when faced with hardship. They depend on each other to help them through their strife. In the midst of their turmoil, families rely on each other for love and consolation. In Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, a book by Mildred Taylor, which takes place in Mississippi around the 1930s, difficult times arise, especially for African Americans. Faced with socioeconomic issues and prejudice, love and solace for each other helps the characters through hard times. Cassie and Mama, Uncle Hammer and Papa, and Stacey and T.J. support each other which helps them to overcome adversity. One example of this support is between Cassie and Mama. After the incident in Strawberry, where Lillian Jean mortifies Cassie simply because she is African American, Mama’s love and support helps her overcome her anger and humiliation. She helps her understand that some white people think that they’re superior to her, and that she is just as important as them. “Baby, we have no choice of what color we’re born or who our parents are or whether we’re rich…show more content…
Stacey’s friend, T.J. has stolen a gun from the Barnett’s store, and white men are trying to kill him. Stacey is willing to risk his life against the angry mob by staying in the forest to protect T.J. “As far back as I could remember, Stacey had felt a responsibility for T.J… needed someone he could call ‘friend’, or perhaps he sensed T.J.’s vulnerability better than T.J. did himself” (249). Stacey always sticks up for T.J., no matter how horrible he is, and is risking the ultimate to save T.J.-- his life. T.J. has never been a true friend to Stacey, and yet, Stacey is willing to die for T.J. He is unconditionally loyal and supportive, and truly cares for him, even though he is a horrible

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