Due Process Model

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When crime occurs in today’s society many factors are involved with how the justice is carried out but always with the balance between crime control and due process in mind weighing between safety and civil liberties. As one side becomes more prevalent the other one begins to wane thus causing a distortion within society. The first one is crime control which is a model that holds stopping crime or ending it as the ultimate goal; this method tends to favor police action and offers fewer chances to break the laws of the Constitution. Supporters of this model hold that it frees the police up to catch the real criminals who would otherwise hide behind the red tape of the law. While a criticism of it would be its ability to allow police to misuse…show more content…
When looking at both the clearer choice would appear to is due process in our society set up by such a strong and lasting Constitution. Due process offers the control of crime but keeps the rules set forth but the founding fathers in check. The due process model is more efficient in keeping citizens safe from being subject to overzealous police scrutiny when it comes time to wrap up a case. This model even is beneficial to the police in the long run because they draw their power from the people. Meaning if they people or the public hates and doesn’t trust them they are less likely to report a crime or help in a police investigation. The due process model helps to keep the police reputation in tact because no matter how many crimes are solved or good things they do for the public; they will always be plagued by the misconducts of the past. An example is the lab in the first Coursemate which talked about a lab in North Carolina that knowingly consorted evidence in order to help prosecution. This act followed the crime control model because it was trying to round up criminals faster and easier and resulted in a man serving over a decade for a crime he hadn’t
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