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Antonio Vivaldi The Baroque period was one of the most fancy styles of music ever written. It is often referred to as a flamboyant kind of style. This period, which lasted from 1600 to 1750, introduced us to many famous composers that are looked up to including Claudio Monteverdi, Henry Purcell, Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. The focus of this paper will be who Antonio Vivaldi was, his famous piece of work called The Four Seasons and his influence on the music during the Baroque period. Antonio Vivaldi was born in 1978 and died in 1741, which meant he was considered to be part of the late Baroque period. He was not only an Italian composer, but was also a violinist, like his father. Vivaldi, being one of the most famous composers…show more content…
Many of these concertos really showcased how Vivaldi was very talented in composing instrumental music. He not only enhanced many of the musical features known, but he also created new forms of music that will be discussed. With those features that Vivaldi used, there were also certain styles in which you could distinguish Vivaldi from many other composers. These styles included using syncopation, and Lombardic rhythm (an accented note which is then followed by a longer note) (Sadie, pp. 823). Vivaldi was thought to be the first composer to regularly use the ritornello form in concertos with fast movements, although some do believe he invented using it in this way. Ritornello form is the recurring theme in different pitches or notes. Not only this, but Vivaldi was very fond of using crescendo (increase of loudness) and dimuendo (decrease of loudness) in many of his classical styles of writing. He enjoyed writing music that involved coloristic effects such as muting and pizzicato. Pizzicato is the plucking of strings on string instruments using the fingers. Since tone color is the quality of sounds that differs and creates contrast, pizzicato is considered to be very different and really contrasts how you would regularly play a stringed instrument. Vivaldi was also thought to have re-used some of his work in his different genre compositions (Sadie, pp.

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