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Explore the ways in which Stevenson adheres to the conventions of one of the following genres: Gothic Horror Traditional Gothic artists are fascinated by the duality of human existence. Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is one of many texts in the late-Victorian era of London that is written in the Gothic horror genre. With the persona-changing potions, murders, and eventual suicide in the novel are all examples of the horror elements at work in the novel. Stevenson adheres to the convention of gothic horror by displaying the main features of the story through supernatural themes, the setting and mystery. Supernatural themes are used to present gothic horror as they display two trains of thought which are Religion and Science. Stevenson is able to create conflict within the world of reason and science by using the main character/s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as Dr Jekyll confesses at the end of the novel that he has been fascinated by the duality of man and has taken to both chemical and mystical methods to…show more content…
In this setting the novel seems to hint at the insufficiency or even obsolescence of science. The reader gets his first glimpse of the laboratory in the fifth chapter, "The Incident of the Letter." Mr. Utterson describes it as a "dingy, windowless structure" and the theatre "gaunt and silent" (pg 23). Stevenson creates this feeling by There are tables with chemical equipment, crates and straw on the floor and the place is dimly lit. At the further end of the theatre is the door to the doctor's office, covered in a red, woollen-like material. Through this is his office which contains a full-length mirror, a desk, and "fitted round with glass presses" (pg 23). There are three dusty windows in the office fitted with iron bars and a fireplace on one

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