Don T Blame The Eater Analysis

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Every time you eat McDonald’s or any fast food at the matter, do you ever think what you’re consuming in your mouth? Many people really don’t care because all they know is that the food is cheap and good. In David Zinczenko’s article, “Don’t Blame the Eater,” Zinczenko argument was that at many fast food restaurants, adding ingredients and serving sizes are taken into account. Even when fast food restaurants has a healthy menu options such as salads can include a large number of calories. For example, McDonald’s has chicken in their salads, and it contains a lot of grease. If you look into today’s world there are fast food restaurants on every street. It is very hard to avoid unhealthy food and there are unhealthy food for the nation’s youth. David believes that fast food is the cause of the youth obesity. I agree with his statement, but I also believe that it is the parents fault for the youth obesity. The parents should show their kids what food is good or not. The fact that people think it is harder to find healthy food is ridiculous. Some people may also think heathy food is expensive only because of the quality of the food. To me it is very easy to find healthier options that are cheaper than fast food restaurants. Where I live at it is very easy to find healthy food, like going to a Jewel or Target and buy some vegetables and some fruit for the same price as a Wendy’s meal. I currently Work at a target and we have a…show more content…
Fast food is not really unhealthy as long as it is eaten in a responsible way. People and especially children should view fast food as a type of reward. There is a family I know who only eats McDonald’s once or twice every month, avoiding over doing fast food in a responsible way. Fast food once or twice a month, depending on who the person is, is a good way to use and see constant fast food consumption as something very easy to get attached

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