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Imagine a world where everyone got a trophy for everything they did, regardless of how well or what is was that they did. Well sadly, this is becoming the case in kids sports programs. Gone are the days where only the best people were recognized for doing well. Nowadays, every kid on every team is praised just for showing up, not for exhibiting any talent. Trophies should not be given out for participation because, losing is good for you, kids need to get used to losing, and nonstop recognition is not healthy. To begin with, losing is good for you. An article by Ashley Merryman entitled “Losing is good for you” states, “If children know they will automatically get an award, what is the motivation for improvement?” This signifies that if children have no motivation to improve and excel, why should they? Children that generally more proficient in a particular activity may feel insecure that the other children that are not performing nearly as well as they are are receiving the same amount of praise and recognition. This may lead…show more content…
The above article by Ashley Merryman states that college students are not used to having to try to succeed. They are used to being rewarded just for showing up and not being required to put any effort forward. This goes to show that people who are not used to failure have a much harder time when they get to the real world where people are required to put forth effort and failure exists. The same article also states, “In life, “you’re going to lose more often than you win, even if you’re good at something,” Ms. Twenge told me. ‘You’ve got to get used to that to keep going.’” This furthermore strengthens the argument that if people are not used to losing they will have a much more difficult learning how to experience loss in the real world. It is much better to learn how to lose as a kid rather than experiencing loss for the first time in the real world. Therefore, kids need to get used to

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