A Defense Of Abortion Rhetorical Analysis

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Does a fetus have a right to life, or is it morally permissible to take that life away because it is your body? The issue we are faced with is a case in which Mrs. Smith would like to terminate her pregnancy, due to their family not being financially stable to raise another child. This subject has lead philosophers such as Don Marquis and Judith Jarvis Thomson to give their opinions. Marquis’s piece titled, ‘Why Abortion is Immoral,’ argues, “…abortion is, except possibly in rare cases, seriously immoral, that is in the same moral category as killing an innocent adult human being…” (Marquis, 446). Whiles Thomson’s ‘A Defense of Abortion,’ in which she argues that abortion is morally permissible under certain conditions if we grant- for the sake of argument- that the fetus has a right to life, through a violinist and burglar and people-seeds analogy (Withrington, Handout). After closely analyzing these authors works, Mrs. Smith’s decision to have an abortion is not morally justified because of the following reasons.…show more content…
The most evident distinction is maybe that by unplugging the violinist, one would not participate in direct killing, but rather letting him die by the disease. The disease would kill the violinist, but by performing an abortion a fetus’s life is prematurely ended. It would not be right, along these lines, to regard the two circumstances as equivalent or comparable to, on the grounds that the violinist has a disease, which would kill him, though the fetus does not. Also, the analogy only holds true for rape cases, that is, in cases where a woman has been forcibly impregnated against her will, since in the analogy you were actually kidnapped by the Society of Music Lovers, and it was involuntary therefore. This objection succeeds to prove that the argument is wrong because it is misleading and inconsistent to use an analogy that could only hold for rape cases (Derksen, A Rational Look at the Abortion

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