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Oepidus’ Fate Oepidus’ fate was definitely predetermined. He was dedicated to trying to solve the mystery of who had murdered Laius. Creon stated that the curse would be lifted if the murderer of Laius was found and prosecuted. This was why Oepidus decided it was important for him to find the murderer himself. What he discovers along the hunt was his predetermined fate. Oepidus, who was married to Jacosta, was the king of Thebes. Thebes was falling apart. The crops were dying, the cattle were dying, and people were dying. The city had very low morale. This was the curse that was put on Thebes. Soon there would not be anything left of the city. For this reason, Oepidus felt that he should do everything possible to solve the murder…show more content…
After all, he had lifted a curse that was put on the city of Thebes before by Sphinx. He began to question the citizens as he worked to solve the murder. Oepidus came upon a blind prophet named Teiresias. This is when he was informed that he himself had killed Laius. He was really shaken up by this news, so he goes to Jacosta and tells her of the news from the prophet. She tried to convince him not to believe anything that a prophet says and to never look back again. She stated that a prophet had once told that her son was prophesied to kill Laius and sleep with her. She and Laius had the child killed at three days old, so this never came true (1461-1463). This made Oepidus think because he was told before that he was adopted. He was also told that he would eventually kill his biological father and sleep with his biological mother. He then remembered that he had killed someone at the crossroads and this is where Laius died (1463). Had he created this curse on his own city? Teiresias tells that “Oepidus is a son and husband both” (1455). At first he tells him, “I would rather not cause pain for you or me” (1452). Oepidus sent his brother-in-law, Creon,

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