Gender Codes In Skyy's Advertising

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The Skyy is the limit Skyy vodka presents an advertisement that shows an all-powerful male standing over what seems to be a powerless woman. The male is depicted with no head or shoulders to draw your attention in to the product they are trying to sell, Skyy vodka. The male’s lower body is dressed in a well-tailored suit and nice shoes with a bottle of Skyy vodka in one hand and two martini glasses in his other hand. Skyy dresses the male in a tailored suit and nice shoes to signify he is a member of the upper class and the advertisement has him standing over the woman to show his power over her. Skyy wants you to think that if you buy and drink their product you can be the equivalent to this man. The woman in Skyy’s advertisement is positioned…show more content…
A girl might portray traits that seem like they are for boys, such as, wearing certain types of clothes or playing with cards. The same can be said about boys. Boys are not supposed to show emotion, they have to be powerful, and they always have to be in control. Where do these gender codes come from? I believe our parents as well as the advertisements that we see every day teach these gender codes to us. Skyy presents these gender codes in their advertisement. These codes are created in Skyy’s advertisement by having the man standing in such a way that portrays him as having complete control over the woman and showing his masculinity. The man’s posture is upright and standing strong and this projects power and confidence (Codes of Gender). The woman on the other hand is lying down in a passive position that allows the man to control her and she is looking up at the man as if she can’t move or do anything until he gives the word. This type of advertisement creates an image for woman that they most play along with these femininity codes. They must always be submissive to men and they cannot have any type of power in any of their situations. This advertisement suggests that for woman to be “real” woman they have to be passive, powerless, and controlled. The same goes for men if they want to be seen as being masculine. The men have to stand in certain ways and act as if they are in control at all times even if they do not desire to be in control men have to be to keep the image they had built for

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