Disadvantages Of Facial Biometrics

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Facial biometric is one of the widely used biometric technologies over the real time data. For implementing facial biometric we need to go through the process of face detection and face recognition. In face detection system, faces first need to be located properly and look towards further processing to detect facial features. In this study skin color based face detection method is applied which uses LAB color space. Skin color is one of the useful and robust methods for face detection. A facial recognition system is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. But most of the face recognition system faces the challenges like pose…show more content…
The attributes of a biometric system based are depends on various circumstances like reliability, universality, uniqueness, non-intrusiveness and its differentiation power depends on its application. “Biometrics” is basically originated from Greek word, where i) Bio is define as “life” and ii) Metric is define as “biological measurement” Nowadays, biometric technology is used as an automated method for identifying a person or verifying the identity of a person. The process of identification is called as one-to-many matching whereas process of verification is known as one-to-one matching. These both process are based on a physiological and behavioral attributes of the person. As the complete biometric action is automated, biometric authentication predominantly takes only a few seconds, and biometric systems are able to compare thousands of records per second. Mainly three approaches are available to proving a person's identity and to provide the right person with the right privileges, the right access and at the right time. These

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